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Paint stripping plants / Coating plants

We manufacture equipment for chemical paint stripping. This can be in the immersion process or in the spray process.

We work with temperatures between 50°C and 120°C for immersion paint stripping. For spray paint stripping in individual cases up to 140°C – depending on the approved temperature of the paint stripping agent.

Depending on the customer’s requirements, our immersion plants are equipped with bath circulation, heating, insulation, filtration, edge suction, pneumatic hinged lid, semi-automatic charging, time control and country-specific safety devices and, of course, special requests.

Our immersion systems can also be used for surface coatings such as chromating or phosphating.

We are specialized in offering our customers an optimal solution tailored to their specific needs. We do not only consider the dimensions, but also pay attention to energy consumption, emissions and haptics.

In addition to our special solutions, we also offer a standard system with expandable options for our dip decoating: TE-1200