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Special solutions

We offer you special solutions from many areas.

If desired, we can take over the planning, production, assembly, commissioning and personnel training.

In addition to stainless steels and aluminum, very different materials can be used, such as brass, copper or plastics.

Heating/cooling jacket or double jacket for tanks

Compared to our competitors, we are able to retrofit double jackets for heating and cooling to existing tanks.

to existing vessels. These double jackets withstand pressures up to 25 bar. For optimal medium flow, our double jackets are equipped with a forced guidance.

Sink tables for laboratories

Ramps for wheelchairs

Camping multifunctional furniture

A drawer cabinet made of aluminum and wood (here for a VW T5/T6) can be converted into a lying surface in seconds, in which the upper drawer serves as a storage compartment for the lying surface.
The empty weight of this camping furniture is approx. 40kg.