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Container construction

Liebler Tec GmbH specializes in the design, manufacture and assembly of containers for a wide range of applications and industries.

We offer customized solutions for our customers –
These are mainly from the pharmaceutical and food industry as well as the cosmetic and chemical industry.

– Storage tanks (cylindrical and cubic)
– transport containers
– vacuum tanks
– process vessels
– sterile tanks
– fermenters; mash fermentation tanks
– CIP tanks
– silo tanks
– Agitator vessels
– mixing drums

– double-walled tanks
– double shell
– profiled plates
– half pipe coil
– thermal sheets / pillow plates

– insulated tanks
– tightly welded
– trapezoidal or plain sheet metal
– Perlite, PU foam, mineral wool

– stainless steel tubs
– solid material tanks and containers
– complete plants with piping and walkway
– individual constructions made of stainless steel; aluminum and nickel-based alloys
– in all shapes: cylindrical, cubic, conical, upright, horizontal






Assembly on site

Liebler Tec relies on the highest quality materials

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is the most frequently used material in apparatus engineering. We mainly use the following materials here: 1.4301 / 1.4307 / 1.4541 / 1.4571 / 1.4404 / 1.4435 / 1.4539 / 1.4462

Nickel-based alloy

Vessels made of nickel-based alloys such as Hastelloy or Inconel have particularly high corrosion and temperature resistance. This makes them particularly interesting for the chemical industry and power plant construction.

Our portfolio in tank construction

Storage container

cylindrical & cubic

Pressure vessel

Transport container

Vacuum tank

Double walled container

Double shell, profiled sheets, half-pipe coil, thermal sheets | Pillow Plates

Sterile container


Mash fermentation tanks

CIP container

Silo container

Agitator vessel

Process vessel

Mixing drums

Stainless steel tubs

Solids Hopper & Container

Container plants

with piping & catwalk

Insulated containers

tightly welded, trapezoidal or smooth sheet, perlite, PU foam, mineral wool

Examples of our work in tank construction